YouSendIt 2.0: Creating the Mobile Vision for Cloud Storage

January 2, 2013 - AD60 Dev

In the ultra competitive vertical of cloud storage, YouSendIt, the original visionary saw its younger competitors like Box and Dropbox grab market share as today’s audience moved from the desktop to mobile.

06-SpringboardTo combat this movement as well as reach the goal of becoming a mobile first company, YouSendIt tasked AD60 to assist in completely rebuilding the YouSendIt iPhone app to provide a beautiful new way to effortlessly allow 25 plus million active users access, share and store your files wherever they are.

After multiple months of conception, development and user testing, YouSendIt iPhone App 2.0 successfully launched just days before we ring in the New Year.

Version 2.0 is a full rebuild of the application that offers a completely new user interface and a near complete refactor of the back end. The end result is an experience we hope will position YouSendIt as the visionary of how cloud storage products should function in a mobile experience.

The new YouSendIt application was created with key understanding that productivity was always number one. To ensure this goal was met a delicate balance between standard iOS interface elements and customized touch interfaces was created so that the core functions of the app; Send, Sign, Sort and My Folders were easily accessible from anywhere within the application.

What’s New

While only the beginning in what will be an ever-evolving application, AD60 is excited to see how users react to the new experience. Below are additional highlights you can expect to find in vr. 2.0:

  • New design: Completely redesigned iPhone app with optimizations for iPhone 5
  • Send without storing: Send photos and videos without storing to your YouSendIt Folders
  • Quick Sign: Create and save signature for future use
  • Sort: Sort files and folders to easily access them
  • Rename: Ability to rename your files and folders
  • Support for Corporate Single Sign-On


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