Touch Screen Vending Machines: A New Generation

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I have never been to Japan.  Actually, I don’t think anyone on the team has, but if anyone on the team did go we would definitely come home pumped about the JR East Water Business Co. operated vending machines. Simply put it, these 47-inch touch screen beauties will change he way you select your next snack.

Mostly found in Tokyo, these machines utilize a massive 47-inch touchscreen panel will use its cartoon eyes until to draw you in – essentially kick starting the purchase funnel. Once you get close enough, the vibrant images will quickly change to a vending machine storefront, displaying drinks that are available to buy.  And for those who are like me and get upset when items listed are out of stock, no worries here, the machines will only show items that are in stock.

Here’s a video of it in action:

Early results are already producing great results.  A recent press release published by JR East Water Business states that the machines take 3x more sales than other vending machines.

via. The Next Web

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