Southwest Airline’s Facebook Places Holiday Promotion

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What better way to drive consumer penetration and behavior than to introduce a new action through charity.  This is exactly what Southwest Airlines did when they launched a campaign through Facebook Places, that donated $1 in the form of a free travel credit to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

As the check-in becomes more main stream, brands continue to look for ways to generate interest among new and existing customers.  Beyond the cool factor, the check-in also offers brands analytical data on how consumers interact with a brand when they are at a physical location.

While other marketers are looking for ways generate revenue and footsteps, for a brand like Southwest, check-in’s can’t really offer the same return. Instead, the marketing team at Southwest, recognized an opportunities and saw another venue of growth – buzz  and increased brand awareness. And let’s not forget that there is no doubt consumers will remember this the next time they visit fly with Southwest, offering great opportunities to expand their offerings.

The promotion runs from November 26 till December 25, 2010, with Southwest Airlines offering a total donation of $300,000 in check-ins.  To learn more about this promotion, visit the Southwest Airlines Promo page.

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