Songza launches iPhone and Android apps to digitize the mix tape

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After months of discovery, design changes and a little developer magic, we were excited to see our latest project hit the mobilesphere on September 13, 2011. The app we are speaking about is Songza, the latest entry into the ever popular streaming music category. Back by 10 million plus tracks and 75,000 custom playlists, Songza entered the market guns-a-blazing and AD60 was excited to be part of the adventure.

From the creators who brought you Amie Street (purchased by Amazon), Songza carries a vision that in both 2011 and from now on, people want free music collections that are easy to build, keep fresh, and can be accessed anywhere.  They also expect a social element that offers the option to share these collections. Songza was designed to deliver that exact service.

From the AD60 perspective, we set out to build an app that was not only quick, but extremely user friendly and scalable. We understood, that unlike other projects, the Songza campaign would be an ever growing model that can easily adapt to both the consumer need and market demand.

While Pandora can be seen as their biggest competitor, Songza chooses to do things slightly different. The first and possibly biggest, is that Songza doesn’t impose any limitations on how much music you can listen to. The second most important difference is the choice to focus less on creating artist based radio stations (though you can) and instead tries to introduce a social connection between its users with curated or peer-created mix tapes.


Ranging from “Songs in Apple Commercials” to “70s NYC Punk” these custom user created stations are grouped by Moods, Genre and even Culture.

The Songza mobile app project also marks AD60’s second venture into the Android space. With Songza for Android, we see an app that pushes the envelope of how Android apps are interacted with.  Introducing features not custom to the Android experience, the Songza project once again allowed AD60 to make the standard user experience just a little uncomfortable as we push to create a new standard – and this is what excites us to wake up each morning and crank through code everyday.

To date, both Songza apps have received expectational coverage, with mentions in Techcrunch, Mashable and All Things Digital. Where the Songza project will go, only time and vision will tell, but what we do know is Songza has added another layer to a space that seems to just be breaking into adulthood.

Till the next app store or market update….

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