Print is Alive! Introducing Little Printer

December 6, 2011 - Jason Reposa

It seems like everything is done electronically these days, but this has not deterred London-based design studio BERG from creating the Little Printer.

Almost like the post-it of the 21st century, Little Printer sits on your desk to fulfill all your note-needs. If you have been plagued with messy handwriting or just want to leave a reminder on your fridge you can use your smartphone to send the note, message or photo to Little Printer.

A cool feature of this creation is the ability to send messages to other people’s printers. To see all the uses for this guy check out the adorable below:

You can subscribe to different sources and choose when they will be delivered to Little Printer. The printer is connected to your wireless router and receives information through BERG Cloud a separate entity from the web that does all the “heavy lifting” for the little printer.

This is definitely a quirky gift to have around the house, but it can also be useful in an office setting. It can print trends and latest trend research as you are in meetings. It is a cool product, but it does put a dent in the many paper-reducing green efforts, but then again so do sticky-notes and regular sized printers.

Before you get super jazzed about this cool little product, note that you cannot pre-order it until 2012.

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