New York Times & The Rest of Net Announces Q4 Profits

February 10, 2010 - AD60 Dev

The New York Times is an interesting case, as newspapers subscriptions drop and the transition from traditional to digital becomes increasingly important every year.  Over the past few years the New York Times Company (NYT) has taken major leaps to evolve their online presence, even going as far to acquire in 2005, launching an iPhone app in 2008 and introducing a Self Service (Google type) model for those with smaller budget looking to advertise with them, this year.

With so much movement, it is surprising when it comes to advertising dollars, the NYT has seen anything but success in the last year.  This trend may be the cause of conversation on why the NYT is considering becoming a online subscription model like the Wall Street Journal.  Either way it seems that their luck may have finally changed, with the announcement that they have posted a profitable 4th quarter.  In reviewing the Internet advertising portion, we see it was also up 10.6 percent to $90.6 million.

This is the first quarter without decline in over a year:

4Q08: -3.5%
1Q09: -6.1%
2Q09: -15.5%
3Q09: -8.2%
4Q09: +10.6%

While the company as a whole is moving towards being profitable, the swing may just be less the Times and more an online tend as online advertising as a whole is up.  Among the four largest Web advertising companies (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL) revenue is up 10.2 percent in the fourth quarter from 1.2 percent in the third quarter.

Below is an image of the New York Times 4th Quarter Results:

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