Motiv: The New Standard in Scenario-Based Video Discovery

January 18, 2013 - Julia

Mobile music applications offer a large and ever-expanding set of ways to find the music you’re looking for. Video on the other hand is dominated by a behemoth and a few niche competitors, but the corralling of video offerings is inchoate. Who will cull the sprawling herd of (hilarious!) cat videos to a manageable playlist? Who will watch hours of sports bloopers to find only the most blooperous? Who will think of ways to categorize the categories and delivery them to our devices wherever we may be?

Motiv will.



Motiv was conceived with the simple idea of getting a user to the videos a user wants, when the user wants them. AD60 worked with Motiv to create an elegant method for realizing and presenting this idea.

Motiv and AD60 developed a process combining automation with real human beings watching videos to yield playlists that are fleshed out, but well vetted. Once videos are categorized into playlists, those playlists are categorized, and those categories are wrapped into scenarios. Based on the day of the week and the time of day, Motiv offers the user scenarios such as ‘About to Exercise’ or ‘Stuck in a Cubicle’ to choose from. Each scenario presents three categories, and each category contains three playlists.

AD60 designed and developed an effortless, minimalist interface to guide you to funny, motivational, entertaining, whatever-you-want videos. Check it out and download today!

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