AD:60 x Men’s Health Bring You He Said She Said iPhone App

January 6, 2012 - Julia

Would you rather have to deal with having bad breath or bad body odor? Bad Breath? Good answer.

Now see how the opposite sex responds.


With enthusiastic help from AD60, Men’s Health Magazine has launched He Said She Said, a fast-paced app made for the lover of surveys, polls, and quizzes. The app gives insight to one of the most dumbfounding mysteries of the universe… what do the members of the opposite sex think? By answering short questions about your personal preferences and experiences, the app generates colorful statistics based on answers from other users. In addition to producing eye-opening statistical comparisons, He Said She Said gives the user a chance to learn more about a particular question or topic by offering related articles from Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines.

This simple app is fun for friends, spouses, and people who are just starting out on the road of love. We promise it’s not as cheesy as that last sentence, and it’s free! Download today.

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