AD:60 Helps ‘Eat This, Not That!’ to Guide You Towards Healthier Meals

January 13, 2012 - Jason Reposa

In 2007 the first Eat This, Not That! (ETNT) book was published, 5 years later it has become a cultural phenomenon with the franchise selling over 8 million copies. ETNT was first introduced in the form of a Men’s Health magazine column written by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, and soon adapted into a book version published by Rodale Inc. It wasn’t long before these engaging books spun off into a series of top rated iPhone Apps.

The first app from the series, Eat This Not That! The Game, quickly launched into the number one application in the Health & Fitness category. Rodale Inc. (publisher of Men’s Health and Eat This, Not That!) knew today’s audience was just excited for the apps as they were for the books.

AD60 Gets Into The ETNT Game

One of the latest apps adding it’s name to the series is the self titled ETNT app. The AD:60 team is happy to partner with Rodale and the Eat This, Not That! brand to launch another app that helps people get in shape, and learn how to eat healthy no matter what fast food joint you’re in.

Here is why you should also be excited about this app:

Let’s face it, going to a restaurant can be painful when you’re trying to eat right. ETNT offers simple food swaps for meals and at your favorite eatery with clear “Eat This” and “Not That” suggestions to help you make the right choice. Through focused UI and Design we’ve made it easy for you to see some of the best and worst foods in America. All you have to do is locate a healthy meal, “check in” when you eat foods, and log your weight to see how you’re progressing. You can also tag foods as favorites to check in faster during your next visit. Need a suggestion, no worries, AD:60 and Rodale developed custom algorithms to allow ETNT to learn your favorite foods, and suggest new foods based on what you like in the “Try This” section on the home screen.


Want to try something new? Just tap “Near Me” to enter the locator map and quickly find restaurants in your area; you can filter these results by restaurant or food type. You’ll love how fast and easily this navigation steers you in the direction of health (or healthier restaurants!).

Wondering how well you’re doing? Enter your Dashboard (that cute little scale in the top left corner of your screen) to see the Weight Tracker and log your weight. The app tracks the foods you eat, and the dial moves to show your ETNT status in color. We love this feature! The app also creates easy-to-read graphs to help you track your weight loss. How great does that sound?

Other Perks to the ETNT App

You can earn badges with awesome names like “Baconator”, “Breakfast Champion”, “Sultan of Spinach”, and “Crustacean Crusader”. The more foods you check into, the more badges you earn!

If you would rather eat at home, tap “Dine In” to browse healthy foods and recipes for a night in. You can also search the app for your favorite meals, restaurants, or ingredients.

Losing weight can be tedious, so add some fun to the process by downloading this app for $4.99. If you are searching for this app via your iPhone, make sure to search “ETNT” to find it.

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