DTOX App Will Help You Fight Addictions

Tadas J. Nikulin

Addiction is a pretty sensitive subject. For those who struggle every day fighting their dependency, having a strong support system can make or break your path to recovery. This is why Raeperl Inc. teamed up with AD:60 to develop an iPhone/Android app that would be with you every step of the way. A supportive mentor in your time of need, DTOX App will keep track of how long you’ve been clean, remind you to check in as often as you need it, and offer inspirational daily quotes to start your day off on the right track.


You can add friends and family members to your Fan Club, and they will be kept updated on your progress and milestones. One thing we really cared about was how bad your cravings are on any given day. Day 40 for the alcoholic may not be the same Day 40 for the cigarette smoker. Simply tap the emotion that best describes your feeling that day – don’t worry, you can change this as many times as you want – and DTOX will capture the last recorded emotion you had for the day.

You can also start building a personal support community by adding people you already know, or stay anonymous by turning off your ability to be found in a search. DTOX doesn’t share your personal information with anyone – you’re known by your dependency and username – but it’s great to see that even though you’re on Day 5 and feeling horrible, your friend is on Day 20 and feeling much better.

To learn more about the app please visit http://www.dtoxapp.com website.

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