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Most of us have never owned or heard of a traditional wine dossier – a book where you keep labels and descriptions of wines that you’ve tried and loved (or hated). The idea here is that wine lovers (or beginners) can remember what they thought of different wines. Unfortunately, carrying a book of wine labels and hastily scribbled notes to your local wine shop isn’t really realistic. Enter Delectable, an app that does everything a physical dossier can do, and more. Instead of peeling labels off of bottles, simply scan the label and Delectable will recognize it instantly, giving you ratings, reviews, and descriptions of the wine in question. Add your own rating and tasting notes to keep track of wines you love.


AD:60 was tasked with building out the core functionality of the Delectable Android app. Working with hardware on Android – such as the camera – can be a challenge, since different device manufacturers are building hardware in their own different ways. We solved these issues through a lot of trial and error, but the end result is a clean camera experience. There are also memory limitations on Android devices when it comes to resizing and handling rotations of very large images in the user’s gallery, so AD:60 developed a custom solution to resize these images within the app. Our development team used several libraries to simplify making requests to and from the server, including OKHttp, EventBus, and JobQueue. We also built out quite a few unit tests to help test core functionality and improve overall app quality.

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