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Using the power of winning to save for the unexpected.

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WinWin came to AD:60 to help Americans reach a financial situation in which they would be ready for unexpected expenses. Unlike traditional savings tools this would be centered around fun and excitement, giving each user daily joy and long-term peace of mind.


Initial research showed that many of the Americans who need a savings cushion spend a higher percentage of their income on the lottery. It was clear that there is a disconnect between what people choose to do with their money and what they should.

What we learned
Primary Problem

How do we use the excitement and stickiness of the lottery and other games of chance to help people save money for future expenses?

Target Market

How do we use the excitement and stickiness of the lottery and other games of chance to help people save money for future expenses?

  • Low to average household incomes in the age range of 18-35.

  • Looking for a fun way to keep more money saved.

  • Worries about unexpected expenses but has little to no savings.

  • Play the lottery in hopes of winning themselves out of their money problems.

Jobs to be Done

Help our users:

  • Be prepared for the unknown – “I want to have an emergency fund to be protected.”

  • Save money painlessly – “Help me by keeping it easy, thoughtless, and even fun.”

  • Reach their financial goals – “Help me gather enough money over time to do the things that I want to do.”

  • Feel more on top of life – “I’m an adult now and I want to feel like one.”


Principle Feature

From Discovery, we learned that if we wanted to help our target market we had to create an experience that was engaging and fun time after time. The next phase was centered around what that day to day experience would be like.

Creating the right experience

The AD:60 team determined that the client’s KPIs were driven by a few really important use cases, not by twenty of them. This conclusion lead us to identify the home screen and the daily games as Principle Features. By having users win through a beautiful experience, the overall impression of fun could be achieved, while at the same time avoiding the feeling of a lottery or casino.

Validating the Idea

During this phase we came up with several approaches to home and dozens of games. Every idea was validated or tossed out based on its ability to meet business and legal goals. We then built out quick mockups and prototypes to test the experience with real people.



With the principal feature guiding the way, we were able to set up our process of milestones to complete the design and bring the app to life as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Built for take-off!
Micro-service Architecture Powered by AWS and Ready for Success.

Our first goal was to create a long-term system which would allow scalability and ease of iteration. We did this by developing a custom supporting micro-service architecture (code in separate, segmented pieces with isolated data storage), along with leveraging the AWS (Amazon Web Services) suite of products. We felt confident being able to create and improve on 3 classic games with integrated functionalities, an in-house system to manage secure user focused banking system, and a password-less, more secure entry.

Scaleable Native Code

No shortcuts were taken. To build an app that is simple, enjoyable, and fast, we utilized AD:60’s strategy for cross-platform mobile app development. We developed iOS, but are prepared to quickly deploy Android without lost in development thanks to a shared layer of business logic written in C++ and native OS languages.


Launch and Thrive

In preparation for launch, AD:60 built out custom Analytic’s dashboards and developed an extensive 3 week in market messaging test that focused on driving pre-registered users.

A better way to save.

The result was a visually stunning and engaging digital experience that encouraged users to save money by being engaged, not passive. Beautifully designed games and high end designs, along with custom animations lead to a feeling that resulted in a Play, Save, Win outcome.

“When I’m building a business, and need a digital solution that is high-quality, creatively stunning and successful, I turn to AD:60.”

David Ronick, CEO WinWin / Co-founder of Stash Invest


  • Awarded Best New App by Apple

  • Muse Creative Awards Platinum Winner: Best Finance
  • Appy Awards Nomination: Best Branding
  • Media coverage: Fast Company & The New York Times

  • $75,000+ in deposits in first two weeks

  • 25,000 + pre-registered users

  • $1.5 Million Seed round

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