The Setup

A dating app with a new spin for iOS

Work With Us

When the team at Setup wanted to change the way people approached dating by making it an interactive experience for everyone: daters and non-daters alike, they partnered with AD:60 to create an easy-to-use application that focuses on the entertainment aspect of dating.

The Task

Making Dating Fun Again, For Everyone

With an objective to be in market for the new college semester, along with the fact that there was no existing brand or product, AD:60 was tasked with not only creating the application but the brand assets, voice and functional backend. With so many moving pieces, Setup chose to participate in AD:60’s Key Solution process to develop a solution first approach to identify the problem and core feature set necessary for the strongest go-to-market product.  


The Outcome

A Relationship Like Never Before

In 5 months, AD:60 successfully brought Setup to market through user interviews, user experience testing, rapid design iteration and development.

The end result saw an application that offered daters and matchers an interactive experience that allowed you to:

  • Set up compatible daters
  • Follow your favorite couples
  • Become the latest “It” couple

Re-shaping the current “swipe left”/“swipe right” mentality, we allowed the user to actually swipe couples towards the middle, bringing them together. Merged together with playful animations and colorful design, we made the dating experience fun again, encouraging people to go out without dread or fear.

With AD:60’s help, The Setup team successfully launched the collaborative web-series and app to lots of hype. The way that the web-series and app are interactive and connect to each other allows users to follow the cast and their real life dates through exclusive in-app content, keep up to date on the current celebrity dating gossip, and get tips and expert advice for your own dating life.

As the brand continues to evolve, we are excited to help Setup reach their audience experience a new form of entertainment dating.


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