South Beach Diet

A web and native mobile app to help meet users' weight-loss goals.

Work With Us

When the popular South Beach Diet was ready to reinvent themselves for a mobile first audience, they came to AD:60 to create a solution that eliminates the overwhelming feeling of loosing weight. Through 3 phases of resetting your body, re-introducing delicious and nutritious foods and eating all foods in moderation.

The Task

Simplifying Weight-Loss

When it comes to their personal health, consumers have unmet needs. Dissatisfied and overwhelmed, this often leads to confusion, lack of direction and a desire to give up. AD:60 was asked to introduce a solution that eliminates these overwhelming feelings and helps their target market of 30 – 40 year old male & female consumers. Consumers were to show more interest in the product (acceptance), increase their use of rate (engagement) and use it over a longer period of time (extended LTV).

To solve the feeling of lack of direction and drive, and to empower users to take action, we offered an experience that answers these common customer questions:

  • “What can I eat today?”
  • “What have I eaten already?”
  • “What foods count as protein, healthy fat etc?”
  • “What are some ideas for recipes?”
  • “Should I eat this food?”

The Outcome

Weight-loss made easier

AD:60 developed a streamlined and straight-forward app to follow the South Beach Diet, minimizing the intimidation of weight-loss. The final experience allows users to:

  • Always know where they stand with their diet through the Dynamic Journal. Users can get a snapshot of what they have eaten today and what food categories they are in need of, making it easy to stick with their plan.
  • Log any food in a heart beat with Quick Logging. Keeping track of what you eat and when you eat it, doesn’t have to be a chore.
  • Access South Beach Diet’s growing database of foods and recipes, allowing users to explore new, delicious foods and incorporate them into their new, healthy lifestyle.

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