Siggi’s Case Study

An interactive experience that overcame the brand’s biggest challenge

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As the Siggi’s brand saw growth and traction in the yogurt industry, the company recognized that new customers were looking to be educated on who the brand was, what they represented, and how Icelandic Yogurt was better. To address these questions, Siggi’s partnered with AD:60 to enhance their digital presence.

The Task

Education through Brand Experiences

AD:60 was tasked with not only redesigning the Siggi’s website from the ground up, but also creating an interactive experience that overcame the brand’s biggest challenge: educating consumers on who is Siggi and what is Icelandic yogurt.

Before tackling this initiative, AD:60 applied its Solution Thinking approach to ensure we fully understood the problems the brand faced.

Through an extensive discovery process with the product owners and Siggi himself, we were able to not only define a solution that solved the needs of both the brand and the customer, but also identify other wins that have resulted in strong returns. These include supporting the sales team through SEO, coupons, and social media, and ensuring that the final deliverable was easy to use and manageable for non-tech focused team members.

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Video Production

Bringing Sight, Sound & Motion

Recognizing that Siggi’s value proposition of “Simple ingredients, Not a lot of sugar.” could be hard to believe, we were inspired to create a short “Making skyr: A simple process” video that showcased the creation process. In 45 seconds, customers could visually see how little ingredients are used to bring to life the amazing taste and texture of Siggi’s yogurt.
With social channels such as Instagram acting as a key platform for Siggi’s to engage with its community, 3 – 4 shareable videos were created to build on the momentum of highlighting the different elements and ingredients used to make the product.

The Outcome

A Website that Wins Awards & Drives Business

Leveraging the learnings, AD:60 created an experience that put the product and packaging first. Playing off of the brand’s soft colors and open feel, the end result was an award-winning website that not only educated consumers on Siggi’s but helped expand the brand into three new markets across the United States.

  • W3 Award Gold Winner for Food and Beverage
  • Brand growth into three new markets
  • Fully Responsive web experience
  • Custom WordPress theme that is easy to manage
  • SEO optimized for long-term organic growth
  • Integrated product search and location SKU availability
  • Coupon capture and management
  • Shot all new photography that was utilized for future marketing campaigns
  • Created original video content “How Siggi’s Is Made”
  • Developed short videos to tell the story through social channels

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