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When Inscape wanted to update their mobile experience to align better with their in-studio session and overall holistic journey to meditation, AD:60 was up for the challenge.

The Task

Make Inscape the Expert in the Meditation App Space

Inscape’s goal is to make meditation practice more approachable and available for the user at any time of day, anywhere. By focusing their efforts on building an app that serves as the user’s safe space, they wanted to help users enjoy life to the fullest, yet still provide high-level guidance and expertise that their competitors did not provide.

Designed with Experience in Mind

AD:60’s approach to redesigning Inscape’s existing app was to create an experience that excited and re-engaged current users while opening the doors to new users. Our creative approach was built around matching the look and feel of Inscape’s beautiful studios, and have the users relaxed or energized, at peace and aware, regardless of where they may be..

The new design’s soft, gradient color tones, and ambient background music, provided maximum impact for even minimum engagements. Smart recommendation logic factors in personal goals, time of day, and experience level, providing the support and guidance you’d receive from a personal guide. While new tools such as Moments, Breathing, and Journal provide an opportunity to unwind: anywhere, anytime.


Product Highlights

Inscape’s app allows users to:

  • DISCOVER meditation techniques and best practices.
  • EXPLORE single sessions or commit to a full series
  • TAKE A BREAK with on-the-go tools such as breathing exercises or journal
  • TRACK their progress with things such as Total # of Inscapes and Streaks
  • DOWNLOAD content for offline listening
  • BOOK a session at  Inscape’s physical studio
  • SHARE the Inscape experience with family and friends

The Outcome

A Smooth, Featured Re-Launch

Inscape and AD:60 were able to smoothly transition all current users to the new app, without losing their existing data and progress, as well as launch the new version to impressive metrics. The app’s modern design and sleek features made Inscape break the mold and stand alone as the sophisticated and knowledgeable leader in the marketplace, expanding the brand into new territory across the nation and globally. And within the first week of launch, Inscape was featured first in the lineup of Apple’s New Apps We Love.


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