Carleton University Targets Future Students

November 3, 2011 - AD60 Dev

For universities and colleges throughout North America, recruiting new students, and we’re not talking about sports athletes, is an important part of a school’s ability to grow. As younger generations begin to shift from laptop to mobile, an institutions need to keep in tune becomes even more important.
That’s why when Canadian university Carleton tasked AD60 to develop an app for future students, we were pumped by the opportunity. With the Carleton Admissions iPhone and Android apps, potential students now have a better way to discover Carleton University. Once activated, you will instantly have the ability to explore and learn about programs, check out photos and watch videos, as well as catch up with resident CU Bloggers.


While only the beginning in a multi-phase plan, AD60 is excited by the first-time features found in the app. For any university, an important part of the application process is the ability to take a campus tour. With the Carleton Admission app, interested students can now book both regular and speciality tours in real-time through their mobile devices.

We see this as only the beginning, but for iPhone and Android users expect to see this growing trend. Lucky for us, Carleton University capitalized on it first.

Link to download iPhone App.

Link to download Android App.



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