Bank Tracker App 2.0 Comes With Improved Experience and Editorial Focus

May 30, 2012 - AD60 Dev

It sure has been a busy 2012, with a number of AD60 projects being released. From Carleton to Songza, we are excited to add our own app to the list; Bank Tracker. Bank Tracker, the mobile experience that offers an additional touch point to MyBankTracker, received a much needed update last week for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Past users of Bank Tracker will instantly notice significant improvements with 2.0, as the newest revision represents a complete design overhaul for an improved user experience.

While in the past, Bank Tracker was focused on just that, helping you track your bank. For the new 2.0 version, we decided to shift the focus to helping you stay up to date with the latest news in personal finance, banking and financial technology. Also, being from New York and knowing that reading on the subway / train is a necessity, we also implemented the ability to favorite articles or posts for offline reading.

Bank Tracker 2.0 also represents a shift in how we approach app development, with the decision to combine Bank Tracker 1.0 and our other finance focused app, Plentifi. By doing this, Bank Tracker 2.0 now offers a full suite of options to create a fuller experience. From the GPS functionality, that gives users the ability to display banks that are nearest to them to now being able to discuss all money-related topics through a community discussion forum.

The free Bank Tracker app is now available for download in the Apple App Store.

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