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August 1, 2010 - AD60 Dev

If you’re hitting shuffle on your iPod and still not hearing some fresh tunes, it’s time to discover some new artists. Resident AD:60 teammate, and current Atlantic Records intern, Jessica Schiffman complied a list of seven music artists that are up and coming in the states.

After reviewing the list, we have to admit; our heads were bobbing and we were caught on multiple occasions humming the beat of our favorite track.  Make sure to email us at and let us know which artist you plan to add to your next mix.

The Drums

Straight from our very own Brooklyn, NY, The Drums showcase a slice of pop music that combines the cheery style of Vampire Weekend with rough guitar riffs for an album that The Rolling Stones has named “one of the best indie pop debuts of the year.” Perfect for a summer drive, their tracks inspire the kind of happy-go-lucky feeling that makes you want to get up and bounce your head like all their little hippie concert fans.

Cody Simpson

If you’re sick of Justin Bieber (but secretly still into that prepubescent boy bop), it’s time to try out the newest kid on the block—Cody Simpson. His Australian accent and surfer-boy charm is hard to beat, especially when he’s shaking his blonde skater hair-cut to the chorus of his popular single, “iyiyi.”

Christina Perri

Fans of the show “So You Think You Can Dance” are probably familiar with rising artist Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts.” Her song, performed during one of the show’s dance performances, was so well received that she was asked back to sing live.

Portugal. The Man

Recently signed to Atlantic Records, this small band combines psychedelic rock with folk music, African rhythms and much more. What critics say they lack in polish they make up for in speed and volume. Their fourth disc, The Satanic Satanist, has propelled them forward into the spheres of pop, folk and funk. Keep an eye out for their upcoming shows with Modest Mouse.

John Butler Trio

After listening to The John Butler Trio, you’ll most likely find yourself in deep thought. Whether it be the band’s feel-good rock melodies or their mellow reggae inspired ballads, they’ve got some real talent.


Though this Brooklyn rapper’s beats have been featured alongside the voices of T.I., T-Pain, Jadakiss and Fabolous, partner artists fail to outshine his work. Rumor has it that the deep scare alongside Maino’s right cheek resulted from a prison fight…you know he means business.

Free Energy

A band all about being young and living in the moment, Free Energy certainly lives up to its name. Despite tornado warnings, the band’s free concert as part of NYC’s Seaport Music Festival on Friday drew quite the crowd. Keep an eye out for their upcoming tour dates; lead singer Paul Sprangers’ dance moves are a must-see. As a huge con, they wont let us embed their video from YouTube so here is a link to the video.

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