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AD:60 Team

Our phenomenal team is diverse and creative. We provide expertise in the following fields: interactive media, creative design and development, UI/UX design, advertising, and development technology.

  • Alex Matjanec

    Partner, CMO

    Alex Matjanec

  • Jason Reposa

    Partner, CTO

    Jason Reposa

  • Tadas J. Nikulin

    Partner, CD

    Tadas J. Nikulin

  • Julia Landry


    Julia Landry

  • Anthony Costanzo


    Anthony Costanzo

  • David Hyman

    Mobile Technology

    David Hyman

  • Yoann Chalet

    User Experience

    Yoann Chalet

Production & Operations

  • Kaed Gonzalez

    Kaed Gonzalez

  • Adam Bednarek

    Adam Bednarek

  • Jaffa Aharonov

    Jaffa Aharonov

  • Jesse A.

    Jesse A.

  • Grant Schulte

    Grant Schulte

  • Soongsup Shin

    Soongsup Shin

  • Jigar Patel

    Jigar Patel

  • Wei Ting

    Wei Ting

  • Nina Yang

    Nina Yang

  • Adedayo Olumide

    Adedayo Olumide

Our people are our biggest asset.

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