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AD:60 designs web products with trend-setting, intuitive creativity that brings client vision to life and shapes consumer experience. With unique creative concepts, a keen esthetic and a commitment to usability testing, our website designs engage imagination and consumer advocacy. How we design »

AD:60s website development uses proven and scalable technologies that adapt to the changing needs of our clients. Our approach is efficient, research-driven and built around best practices.

  • Front side technologies(Flash, CSS, AJAX, Google Maps, etc.)
  • eCommerce
  • Server side technologies (PHP, Python, MySQL, etc.)
  • High availability web clusters, SSL, security, etc
  • Hosting / Maintenance

mobile technology

Mobile technology has transformed the digital game and AD:60 has been there from the start, contributing to the rapid flow of ideas that are determining the direction of the industry. We are creating iPhone, iPad and Android-compatible products that are quick to market and advance the concept of ‘always on’. Our recent focus on iPad development seeks to harness the advanced features of the product and provide creative enterprise solutions that improve how clients interface with consumers.

Case Study

Alexander Wang

View the Alexander Wang Case Study

marketing & advertising

The ability to engage consumers through branding has become the key measure of marketing success. AD:60 combines exceptional talent in design, media and technology to deliver projects that offer an engaging experience, driving brand awareness, demand, and social communication.


AD:60 consulting extends client brand potential through comprehensive solutions in brand transformation, creative, tactic evaluation and strategy development. We bring a crosscutting approach and measurable results to every project we engage.

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