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In the aftermath of the financial crap-tastrophie, money has become a fairly sticky subject. This shouldn’t be the case – we need to think about our finances individually and as a society, even if it’s uncomfortably painful, to avoid collapse in the future. has made it a little bit easier by filling a pressing need for accurate, transparent, and consistent banking information – and here at the close of 2012, MyBankTracker has been revamped with new branding, content, and features.

It was exactly four years ago that we first launched MyBankTracker, and in that time it has been amazing to see a small company of three grow to that of 15, consisting of a dedicated mix of writers, designers/developers and sales experts. In the last six months, we also brought on our editorial director, Paul Conley, who has shaped our voice and is, along with his team, one of the main reasons why we were able to create the awesome web experience you see today.

One of the more distinguishable changes in MyBankTracker is our shiny new branding. Logo, fonts, color scheme, layout… Everything has been reimagined around a common objective: building the ultimate hub for personal finance news, reviews, and product comparison. With over 500,000 unique readers each month, it’s important that our brand reflects this mission and creates a comfortable atmosphere for our readers.

Focused more on original opinion and analysis rather than news, our approach is allowing consumers to make informed choices about banking and money that – let’s be honest – most of us would rather not think about (like choosing or switching banks, credit cards, loans, buying a house, etc.). Here’s a quick highlight of five new features:

1. Editorial Reviews will bring unbiased numerical scores and detailed evaluations of financial products/tools such as, the newest credit cards, and investing platforms.

2. “The Stream” is a one-page daily summary of top bank and personal finance stories and dynamic commentary.

3.’s Personalized Alerts (ad-free emails) offer breaking news, new articles, and other relevant information on your bank or products.

4. We have evolved our Comparison Rate Tables once more with the addition of the Recommend Tab, which offers more personalized results by having you answer a few direct questions.

5. Based on user studies, we have enhanced the research and shopping experience by allowing users to leverage Facebook to get advice from your friends.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, or a soon-to-be retiree, MyBankTracker is here to help.

Build your finances. Rebuild the world.





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