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AD:60 is a close-knit team of advertising, media and interactive experts based in New York with 10 years of award-winning experience. Formed out of a shared desire to create products worth believing in, we value collaborative, meaningful working partnerships that result in quantitative success that can be integrated across projects.

Launched in 2009, we specialize in web product development to help companies get their digital projects off the ground quickly. We are a relatively young company for a reason - we have a lot of experience working in the industries we serve. This makes for a potent talent pool that is able to quickly understand your project needs and priorities.


thick-skinned, super talented, with a spectacular ability to collaborate - our people are our biggest asset.

Alex Matjanec

Partner, CMO

Alex is co-developer and business partner in the creation of social networking sites targeting the finance and banking industries.

Jason Reposa

Partner, CTO

A professor and software engineer, Jason is always on the lookout for next generation technologies that allow our products to scale.

Tadas J. Nikulin

Creative Director, Partner

Tadas is the leading creative force behind the scenes, with experience leading creative teams for advertising firms in the US and Europe.

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why AD:60

60 seconds of opportunity. The best ideas and concepts can be communicated through the rapid visual medium without compromising quality.

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